All humans are priceless

In a previous post, I wrote about how using physical money is a terrible way to run civilization, mainly because money was created by governments to finance wars, not to make civilization work.  Money and markets care little for people. At the end of that post, I argued that we can do better.  I believe net-benefit reward (NBR) … Continue reading All humans are priceless

“It’s too expensive”

Seth Godin writes: Companies don't care about you. Brands don't care about you. Institutions don't care about you either. The only people who are able to care about you are people. The question is, then, is this institution owned, organized, and run by people who will allow the people who work there to care? Generally, … Continue reading “It’s too expensive”

50 shades of delusion called “freedom”

Some die-hard proponents of capitalism argue that nothing offers freedom like their favorite economic system.  They say no other system comes close to offering freedom.  They couldn't be more wrong. Die-hards who favor capitalism and it's ugly step-sister, democracy, often give crazy examples of how free people are: If I'm poor, I can choose to … Continue reading 50 shades of delusion called “freedom”