The Establishment is not on your side

Some people—mostly anarchists—have come to this realization already. Yes, government, the law, the constitution, all these things have preserved a measure of comfort and safety.  But at what cost?  Obviously, an acceptable cost until recently.  Now many more beyond the anarchist set are seeing the establishment for what it is—a self-perpetuating, self-interest–preserving institution. Just like everything … Continue reading The Establishment is not on your side

Money Bomb nearer to reality!

Earlier this year, we talked about the fantastic idea. The SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs proposed by Lawrence Lessig will fundamentally change the way candidates raise money for elections and the dynamics that the creation of Super PACs have produced. Back in May we were encouraged. This month we're thrilled. Here's why. Lessig's group, the Mayday Political Action … Continue reading Money Bomb nearer to reality!