Take this society and shove it 

331595e8d460e04d5e7e96490a5a8143I wonder if Millennials give a shit about politics and traditional workplaces – two institutions foundational to society. A recent survey seems to show they don’t. Could this indicate that newer generations come pre-equipped to embrace fundamental change?

The survey referred to above showed that the “vast majority” of Millennials surveyed are indifferent to their employers, their missions and the work Millennials do for The Man. Equally, 44 percent say they have no affiliation with any political party.

Interesting anecdote: my business partner has three sons, all Millennials. After watching the first presidential debate here in the US, every single one of my partner’s sons said they would not vote for either mainstream candidate. And while they all are pursuing work, none of them are looking to work at a particular company as an employment goal. Instead they are looking for the opportunity that matches their interest.

Some authorities on the matter argue that future generations come into the world ready and equipped to make the change previous generations fail to make. I’m encouraged by the number of Millennials who are appreciating and getting involved in the work that is Copiosis. It seems to support these authorities’ suppositions.

If they are right, and I obviously have a belief that they are, then the future is always in good hands.

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