Yes, you can.


Tired. Alone. Discouraged. Disappointed. Hopeless.

Give up. It’s easy – when you’re trying to do something that seems impossible, when you’re trying to do something that overwhelming hordes of people think is dumb, crazy, a waste of time, stupid – to give up.

Look at the US elections, for example. Americans are so deeply bonded to a system that can be improved in so many ways, ways that will make so many people’s lives better. Try to explain this to them and you see how strong the bond is.

Standing up to break that bond is volunteering for abuse. There’s just no way around that. The worst abuse will come from your innards. After all, who are you to think you can change the world in such a fundamental way, you ninny?

There are so many reasons NOT to try to change the way things are, I don’t blame people who don’t. I don’t blame those who start trying but give up. I don’t blame those who think they can’t.

This is hard work. Too hard for nearly everyone.

Who are we to think we can do this?

Well, who are you to think you can’t? Realistic?


Creating a new world is not easy. It’s demands that you look at yourself in a new way. If you’re not up to that, you’re best not to try. Be careful what you ask for, particularly in the realm of changing society. It’s not for the fainthearted.

If you think you can’t. Then you can’t.

The really of the matter though is, you can.


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