The Future Depends On The Rich Staying Rich

Photo by Ameya Sawant on Unsplash

The best way towards human freedom, where everyone can do whatever they want AND society and the economy gets better and better, happens when the rich see more benefit than harm in letting people be free.

One reason the rich keep humanity divided and fighting among themselves is because they know that if the rest of humanity gets “too much democracy”, the rest of humanity will take riches from the rich. That’s why the rich concoct enormous strategies that keep the not-rich from power.

Copiosis changes all this, first by protecting the rich. Next it makes everyone else rich. Then it frees everyone from earning a living, so they can focus on having a good life filled with rewarding things they like doing. Meanwhile, everything happening today we want to happen keeps on a-happening.

In the first part of this two-part podcast interview, Copiosis founder talks about Copiosis, what inspired him to create it, and how it works.

The future depends on the rich staying rich. Through Copiosis, they stay rich, while everyone else gets rich. Take a listen and stay tuned for part two.

Listen to “Perry Gruber pt.1 (founder of Copiosis)” on Spreaker.

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