Getting Sh*t Done


Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast. Sometimes “going slow” looks like going backwards.

But slow is smooth and smooth is fast. It seems our progress is slow. It’s actually fast.

But it’s hard seeing that. Sometimes, someone frustrated with our pace leaves us. When they return, maybe after a year or many years, they’re shocked by our progress.

Progress when it’s happening, looks slow. But slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

A lot still must be done before Copiosis becomes a global reality. I encourage those in the fray with me with inspiration. It sounds like metaphysical mumbo jumbo, but taken to heart, its accuracy reveals itself. This inspiration undergirds our transition approach. It’s a Positively Focused approach.

It’s how we get sh*t done without us each turning to sh*t.

Many things get started, then stop. This year, 2020, we’ve started at least three potential, very large demonstration projects. But each met with intractable barriers for now. So we changed course.

That may look like going backwards, but so long as we keep trying, we win. It’s that simple. Besides, a lot happens in unseen areas humans can’t possibly control. More happens there, in fact, that is more important than anything we’re doing with our hands and minds. We have powerful allies with us doing most of the work. Which is why I say our “work” is play.

The real work happens behind the scenes and is mostly done.

I talked with a Copiosis funder recently who said, summarizing: “Perry, you told me several years ago that in the future you’d have a group of people helping you bring Copiosis into a reality. I see that now. Your press is amazing.”

It is amazing, unless you know how to create reality. I’ve said all along knowing how to create reality, I called that “creating luck” in previous posts, is our advantage. Knowing how to create realty, one isn’t amazed by how things happen. It’s just how it happens.

We’re going slow with a bias for getting things done. Sounds like a contradiction. In a way, it is.

Progress is sometimes a two-steps-forward, one-step-back dance. I go to bed with 10-20 things I could still do for Copiosis that are not getting done. It’s thrilling to think that there is always something interesting to do each day that can move Copiosis forward.

But we can only move as quickly as there are resources to play with.

I’ve always said what I’m doing is about Copiosis not me. Copiosis has attracted a number of people who are contributing extreme value. New people find us all the time and ask how they can contribute. Our newest initiative, the live stream Devil’s Advocate featuring Jill Dell, came together that way. It happened effortlessly and in a fun way.

There’s as much good stuff happening as there are things not getting done. The good news is, we don’t have to have all those things done in any particular time. It’s all happening in perfect timing.

We’re going slow with a bias for getting shit done. Sounds like a contradiction. It is in a way. But this is the paradox at the center of Copiosis’ transition plan.

 Looking at our results so far, I’d say it’s working pretty well.

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