When joining forces masks insecurity

everything is possibleWe are often asked these days to join forces, work together with others, help others with their work while expecting we’ll be helped with our work. The basis of these asks is we’ll all be stronger, better off, by working together.

Recently, someone urged me to sign an agreement he created that he affirms will make the world a better place. I told him I’m selective about supporting others’ work. He got very upset and said (via text) “Perry, you are truly small.”

I think that was an insult.

Obviously, I have different ideas on this whole collaboration thing. When people are making these asks, to join forces, for alliances and such, they are coming from a place of insecurity. I believe there’s an unconscious fear they don’t have the resources to make what they want to happen and that, somehow, by joining forces with another individual or group, that individual or group will bring what is missing, making their chances of success much better.

I don’t agree with this approach because I don’t believe anyone lacks any resources needed now or in the future. It sounds like what I’m saying is Copiosis has everything it needs at its fingertips, ready to be employed: all the money, all the computing power, all the people needed to make things happen.

This obviously isn’t the case. What we do know though is at that right time, the right resources, whether it be money, people or equipment will arrive. It’s been demonstrated time and time again since we began this work.

We’re not any different from any other individual or group. We’re not special. We have no lock on this ability to create opportunity. We just know it exists and we trust that it works. And so it does.

Making what seems impossible possible depends on this trust. It depends on knowing you have all you need within you to make something happen and, most importantly, you trust this knowing.

In that trust, everything is possible.

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