The One Thing That Makes Copiosis Great Can’t Be Copied

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Copiosis is an innovation creating its own reality. It’s doing that through people like me and those on the Copiosis team. Copiosis molds the world, shaping it in to what will fit its intents best. It does that through our inspiration, excitement, and transformations happening outside our team.

Those not understanding Copiosis’ intent think they can do better. So they try changing our direction, or the idea itself. Or they copy Copiosis, then create something based on distortions – misanthropic limitations or retribution zeal. That’s what we’re seeing in a derivative work emerging on the internet. Such ideas can’t compare to Copiosis and the love from which it springs.

This isn’t the first time this person took someone else’s creation as his own, then tried making money off it. At least once, he’s done this before. In that case, he took, without permission, a Light Worker’s creation, called it his own then offered it for a price to others.

True to his hypocrisy, when peddling his cribbed idea, he demands those he share it with not copy and use it to their advantage. 🙄

Of course, that’s going no where and neither will his distorted version of Copiosis.

Philosophy first, then tangible results

That’s because ideas built on shoddy philosophy crumble under their own weight or attract little attention. Copiosis thrives upon rock-solid foundational philosophies. Tried and true methods combined with 100 percent accurate understanding of how the universe works, form foundations upon which Copiosis thrives.

Our results shine because they reflect that foundation’s hue: the White Light of alignment with All That Is. Some claim Copiosis the organization is a cult. They point to our fundamental philosophy as evidence.

Others, responding, say, “if a group of happy, inspired people creating a bright future is a cult, then I’m happy joining that cult”.

Interestingly, our CTO Gheric Speiginer shared a film about someone thought to lead a “cult”. The film maker invited a religious expert’s opinion on the leader’s 100,000 member-strong following. When the filmmaker asked what the expert thought of this movement’s “cultish elements?” the expert offered interesting perspectives:

“First of all I wouldn’t use the term ‘cults’. Cult is a misuse of language. For me, as for scholars, ‘cult’ means [in Hebrew] “the worship of the temple”. That’s cult. And I don’t like distinctions between cults and religions. It’s like dialects and languages, where the definition of a language is a dialect with an army. So as we use the term ‘cult’ it’s kind of denigrating [to the word].”

Professor Daniel Boyarin, UC Berkeley Historian of Religion

Light shines brightest in results

Usually, someone denigrating “cult” by using it in denigrating a movement, doesn’t understand what they’re looking at. Nor do they understand the word.

As Copiosis’ success increases I expect we’ll see more people trying to improve what already is a fully-developed, constantly evolving future vision.

I’m not too concerned though. I suspect these will rest on shoddy foundations. As does the one I’m indirectly referring to.

Like this one, they will go no where. Or they’ll redirect attention to us. 😊

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” Oscar Wilde said that. I think he’s right. The mediocre copy, imitate and steal. The great create.

I think that says it all.

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