[VIDEO] Why People Will Love The Copiosis Future

Our hearts and our souls know we can create a world where everyone enjoys abundance. They also know our world today exudes abundance. Unfortunately, our economics mask abundance. With Copiosis, we can change that.

Creating more opportunity for everyone dramatically increases abundance access. We know that because human beings create all day every day. They find joy expressing that creativity in pleasing ways. Happiness almost always comes from such expression.

And the more joyful expression creating really cool things, the more things exist. The more things exist, the more people can choose. So abundance experience matches abundance reality.

Why not enjoy as many ice cream flavors as possible? Let’s create as many varieties of things people want. Then everyone can enjoy worlds where people feel free and can freely choose.

Copiosis creates worlds like that. We talk about that world in this video clip.

Leveling the playing field doesn’t mean creating everyone’s experience as equal. It means opening opportunities such that opportunities for one don’t restrict opportunities for others.

Giving people freedom to follow passions allows everyone on the field. With Copiosis that’s possible, which is why so many find it fascinating.

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