The Spectacular Failure Of Middle East “Peace”

An Israeli-Palestinian peace poster By I, Makaristos, CC BY-SA 3.0

Once again hatred boils over in the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Responding to a deliberate Hamas attack, Israel vowed to “wipe out” the Palestinian aggressor.

To paraphrase an infamous public figure, aggression is happening “on both sides”. There’s a lot of bad people on one side and a lot of bad people on the other. Hatred, anger and insecurity is rampant in the hearts of many involved. There’s enough of it to fuel violence for years to come. Today’s violence sparks that future violence. And more hatred, anger and insecurity.

We’ve always said at Copiosis that our plans will not solve crises such as these. The New World Order that is Copiosis offers new levels of abundance and wealth for every country that opts in to it. But ultimately, ideological, cultural and religious conflicts must be solved by people.

Insecure victims killing Insecure victims

Some claim we’re creating a utopian fantasy. But we’re clear that’s not what we’re doing. Take what’s happening in the Middle East, for example.

Let’s say the entire region embraces what we offer. Now, everyone enjoys all their basic necessities at no cost to them. People from other Copiosis nations might want to flock to the region. They’ll offer all kinds of resources for those people to build modern living spaces. They’ll help people liberate themselves from poverty. Some perhaps might even live among these people. In doing so, they might help these people embrace their new-found opportunity there by creating massive Net Benefit Value (NBR)…

Let’s get real, shall we?

Whether it’s Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan or Iran, some of these people want to live their way. They strongly believe other lifestyles and cultures are literally evil. Some of these people believe their religious interpretation of their holy texts is the only, right way to interpret them. And their way of interpretation tells them human freedom and progress is wrong. It tells them people who don’t believe the way they do are a threat to their way of life. And it says blowing themselves up to force others into compliance isn’t just ok, it’s their duty. Doing so, furthermore, leads to ecstasy.

Meanwhile, there are others hell-bent on avenging things that happened decades ago. So much so they’re literally willing to kill people too. People who had nothing to do with what happened back then. Including women and children.

So do you really think these people are going to embrace Copiosis with open arms? How do you help someone steeped in hatred and vengeance and a strong sense of religion-fueled righteous indignation? No amount of “free” necessities or opportunity will fix that.

Momentum can be a terrible thing

This is why we suggest it will be a while before the entire world embraces what we offer. The Middle East offers a perfect example why. So many ideological, fear-based and insecurity-based motivations keep many people in the region at each others’ throats. So much so, they’re even willing to sabotage talks that could offer a way out of all the conflict!

Momentum is a hard thing to break. Especially if we don’t know where the momentum is coming from. Especially too if we don’t even understand what momentum is.

Powerful, negative momentum has a grip on this region. It’s in the hearts of many Israelis. It’s in the hearts of many Palestinians. And it’s in the hearts of many others in the region. Others who believe what happens between Jews and Arabs is their business.

Copiosis isn’t going to eliminate that momentum. It can offer opportunities for people to do something about that momentum. But religious zealotry, insecurity and victim mentality die hard. So strong these things are it’s hard to see past them all. And if people don’t understand that their beliefs create all of their reality, they’ll keep attacking their reality (other people) as the cause of their problems.

That’s a major human frailty. And it’s not a frailty exclusive to the Middle East.

We’re opening a door. That’s all

Even so, love and compassion also exist in this region. Plenty of Jewish people care about the Palestinians and want to see aggression end. Same in the other direction. Most people love their children and want to see them enjoy happy, prosperous futures. So there’s hope.

Poor parenting lies at the heart of humanity’s problems. It’s not deliberately poor parenting. It’s parenting done in ignorance. Parent’s don’t know who and what they are. So they pass that ignorance to their children. Then their children become parents. That guarantees our parent’s problems today will be problems tomorrow. Past is often prologue, after all.

But it needn’t be.

What Copiosis offers is an open door out of all that. The biggest change Copiosis offers isn’t no-cost necessities. It’s not a restored planet either. Nor is it making everyone rich.

The biggest change Copiosis offers is in the family. By freeing children from needing to rely on poor parents, those divine beings just might develop along the lines of their original intentions. Intentions they set before they incarnated.

So Copiosis is a spiritual solution. Not just a socio-economic one. It relies on no single ideology. Other than that which claims that every being is divinely inspired as it comes into the world. So let’s create a world that fosters divinity.

That’s what we’re offering.

A win-win scenario to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems unreachable. The fighting is interminable. The solution to all that fighting is up to the people involved.

We see our job as breaking the cycle perpetuating the problem. It’s a problem of perceptions. Perceptions that must change, that might change, once Copiosis takes hold.

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