[VIDEO] A Good Rep Results In A Great Life In Copiosis

In Copiosis, reputation matters. That’s why decent human being behavior pays off. An unpleasant person lording their success over others today may find nobody wants to work or associate with them in Copiosis.

Worse, they may find most unwilling to give them what they need. That’s why we say people provide food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare at no cost. They don’t give them for free.

Your behavior follows you in Copiosis. That’s why each person gets a reputation account. This account helps your reputation follow you.

Reputation accounts helps others predict what you might do in the future. That way they can decide whether they want to work with you.

They also help people decide whether or not they will give you necessities. If, for example, your reputation says you destroy others’ property, housing stewards may not let you live in their homes or car makers might not let you use their cars.

Further, how someone relates to and gets along with others also gets included in reputation accounts.

Everything in a reputation account first goes through a resolution process. This process vets the accuracy of what goes in. So if something proves false, it doesn’t go in. You can participate in the process. Those passionate about keeping these accounts safe and accurate steward the process.

In this video we explain more about how reputation accounts work. We know many saw that Dark Mirror TV show speculating what can happen when reputation monitoring goes too far. But what’s described in that episode bears no resemblance to how our reputation accounts work.

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