[VIDEO] Getting Needs Free, Makes Living Great

In Copiosis, everyone gets all Necessities – housing, food, clothing, medical care and education – at no cost to anyone.

Those providing those things get Net Benefit Rewards (NBR). NBR offers a far better incentive than money. How much NBR they get depends on how beneficially what they make serves people and the planet. We figure that out using the Copiosis algorithm. The rewards get distributed through AI tracking and automation.

We describe it all here:

In this way, materials, utilities, labor, land and equipment are provided to producers without them paying for these things. Copiosis can do this because the algorithm rewards such suppliers, not the producer. NBR comes from nowhere making it unlimited. That means Copiosis can reward producers enormous NBR quantities for the enormous benefits their actions create. You can’t do that with money.

Life gets great for producers

For example, a Housing Producer would receive more NBR for providing an energy-efficient home, and a Healthcare Provider would get maximum NBR for healing or curing the patient as opposed to simply administering ongoing treatments. Should that housing producer include energy-saving and other efficiency measures, she gets even more NBR. And, so long as someone keeps living in her house, she keeps getting NBR.

Same for the healthcare provider. Should the provider teach patients preventative health measures and patients follow those measures, the provider gets more NBR because preventing chronic illnesses offers more Net Benefit Value (NBV) than fixing health problems.

And, when patients teach their children what they learned from the doctor and children adopt those practices, those patients get NBR.

So these powerful incentives – for producers and everyone else – creates the future where people enjoy everything they need without needing money to get them.

We want everyone enjoying that life. We created Copiosis for that reason.

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