[VIDEO] How Wealth Results In A Better Future

“I need to be better than you” – some people love lording their status over others. Here’s how Copiosis makes that not a problem. Having status in Copiosis means you’ve created a metric-crap ton of benefit for others. So have your status because it’s not a problem.

Copiosis encourages people lord their success over others because success in Copiosis happens in only one way: making planet and people better off. We talk about that in this interview:

People succeeding in making people and the planet better off deserve to lord their success. In Copiosis, lording your success inspires others to do the same because nothing keeps someone from having similar success through expressing their own passions.

Our framework helps people do this. Luxury access only happens by creating Net Benefit Value for others. So when you see someone in Copiosis flaunting their wonderful products and services, and you want what they got, you gotta do what they’ve done.

That usually means following your passions so they become so skilled and effective you can’t help but benefit others. Do that and you’ll get rich like others. Then you can enjoy luxuries others enjoy.

Copiosis makes it easy. It also makes showing off what you got moral and fun.

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