[VIDEO] People Become Awesome In The Copiosis Future

Copiosis creates a world where every individual can FREELY express their inherent creative capability. That’s our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) as an organization. We want nothing less.

That means you and those you love can do ANYTHING you like, presuming what you do doesn’t harm others. Actually, you can do such things. But you’ll face pretty harsh consequences. No, not punishments. You’ll just piss off your neighbors. As a result, they may make life hard for you.

Everyone is a creator at heart. This is why we designed the Copiosis algorithm so it awards EVERY human action, not just ones markets monetize. Because every human action has value, everyone should be rich in the world. In Copiosis they can.

But “value” must extend in all directions. That means creating a restored environment, while at the same time benefitting people. We know that’s possible through Copiosis. Doing so today comes with difficulties so great most don’t even try.

Not everyone will express their true potential in the beginning, which is why Copiosis provides necessities to all at no cost. From there, as Christopher Hatton our political strategist perfectly describes it: people can relax, tune into their intuition and from there lead with what they’re most passionate about. Then, and only then, can they accomplish that one thing they came into the world to contribute in their own unique way.

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