Outstanding Benefits For People And Planet – From Poop?

By Didier Descouens – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29228852

I love hearing how innovative humans are. Especially around our poop. As we plan our next generation Copiosis demonstration projects, we find excitement in the least likely places. Excitement in excrement, for example. 💩

Our demonstration projects showcase what it’s like living in Copiosis. We already held two back in 2016. But our future projects will astound people.

Different from eco villages or retreats from capitalism, Copiosis demonstration projects represent our commitment to compete with capitalism, while showing humanity how much better Copiosis performs over capitalism. Socialism and communism too.

Copiosis demonstration projects must adopt leading edge commitments around offering regenerative style living conditions for all. In addition to providing basic necessities to all residents and visitors, our projects must also showcase best-in-class technologies and remediation processes. Tech and process that regenerate our relationship with the planet.

We are, after all, from the future.

From poop to food!?

One pernicious problem people find problematic is human poo. Human toilets found throughout the world, particularly in the west, use water in enormous quantities. We literally flush human waste using drinking water. That’s ridiculously wasteful.

So in addition to using leading edge construction, energy generation and food production tech, our regenerative commitment includes new poop-management approaches. Thankfully, some folks already figured some of this out.

For example, a community in Seek Netherlands currently leads the world with vacuum and anaerobic bacteria processing toilet tech. It uses almost no water, oxygen, energy or even chemicals in processing human waste. Once processed, the waste then gets turned into heating energy.

Other solutions offer great promise. For example, did you know black soldier flies’ larvae LOVE poop? Tests underway show that using them as on-site waste conversion systems processes solids into safe compost. Not only that, once they’re plump and juicy, larvae can be fed to livestock, instead of fish meal, the usage of which contributes to global overfishing.

Larvae also offers an abundant protein sources for pets, fish and even humans! If you’re into that kind of thing 😂.

The future: in our good hands

We’re not planning to feed our residents and visitors black soldier fly larvae. But we do find these solutions innovative for other ways.

We learned about many poop solutions via the National Public Radio Podcast Fresh Air. The soldier fly conversation starts at 23:00 of this episode. But we found the whole episode fascinating. You might too.

We at Copiosis commit to regenerative practices not only in our innovation, but in our implementation processes as well as our organizational functions and our personal lives. We’re looking in advance at ways to run demonstration projects in sustainable, regenerative ways. And those we’ll site in our projects promise leading edge solutions to problems capitalism can’t deal with because they cost too much.

But in Copiosis, they cost nothing.

Many reasons keep us excited about our work. We think the more you know what we know, the more excitement you’ll find in the future. The future Copiosis creates.

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