[VIDEO] One Thing Creates A Better Future: Everyone Must Win

More people found out in the last 18 months that capitalism sucks at so many things. Those still asleep can’t figure out why people no longer want to work crappy jobs for crappy wages. Or work for crappy bosses or crappy companies.

We always knew people had smarts. We knew they would awaken at some point. What we didn’t know was a pandemic would trigger awakening. That and unemployment benefits! LOL

As more wake, we’re focused more than ever on creating capitalism’s solution. Yes, capitalism is a PROBLEM begging for a solution. But those still asleep, they think capitalism fits the bill still. No worries! We don’t need everyone believing what we offer offers better.

But we do know those resisting our innovation must get more from it than what they get from capitalism. Otherwise they won’t let go.

That’s why our transition preserves everyone’s wealth and assets. In fact, the wealthy’s “net worth” grows during our transition, without any action on their part.

Laws? Who needs laws?

Our innovation decouples wealth from power though. So billionaires can’t influence legislative processes, or control others economically or otherwise, with their wealth. Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) replaces money and NBR can’t move from one person to another. It’s nontransferable. That solves so many problems, we can’t list them all here. But we talk all about how NBR works way better than money here.

Copiosis eliminates legislatures and obviates laws, so billionaires need not worry about politics telling them what they can and can’t do with their money. But, fear not, common person! The Net Benefit Value framework supporting everything about Copiosis keeps everyone, even billionaires, accountable to their fellow humans and the earth.

So loosening our need to punish people for their bad behavior can happen because Copiosis inspires good behaviors. It does so with natural incentives, including giving everyone basic necessities at no cost. That solves a LOT of problems. All without a single law.

Creating better means better

There is no wealth redistribution or taxes to pay either. Shareholders and creditors all walk away with the full value of any securities or debt instruments they hold at the time they enter Copiosis.

Creating better was our goal. Not just getting rid of capitalism, socialism and communism. Better means better for everyone. Not just the rich. That’s why “regular” people (is that even a thing?) get rich too. And, they enjoy wonderful lives while all they need gets done. Even things they thought wouldn’t, if people didn’t force others to work jobs they didn’t want to!

Yeah, Copiosis represents FAR better than what we live in today. We encourage putting your eyeballs on the video below. In it we describe how land, which today gives landowners a lot of money-making power, becomes what it was in the past and still is: part of the earth. Not a money-making machine.

Meanwhile people who employ land as a resource, create benefit for others and steward that land responsibly, get rich. The land owner gets something, but not as much as those doing that which actually produces results. We think that’s fair. We know labor will agree. Eventually so will the “Landed”.

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