Every Good Deed Creates Great Results

In Copiosis nearly everything someone does can create Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) income for that person. So long as what they do creates Net Benefit Value (NBV). We’re excited about Copiosis becoming our global economic system for this reason. Everyone gets rich, everyone gets debt-free and no one need earn a living.

Getting rich in Copiosis is easy. All one need do: follow their passion. This premise lies at the foundation of Copiosis. We know everyone enjoys a passion. We also know when people express their passion, the world improves. So we say do those things and you’ll get rich, because Copiosis enriches people who create NBV.

Some say people won’t follow their passions, but we know they can’t help but do that. They can’t help it because passion can’t be denied. People will follow their passion even if no one pays them. We’ve watched our founder passionately create Copiosis for 8 years with no one paying him, for example. Many other examples exist.

Take Jim for example.

Jim goes around his neighborhood armed with a rag and a can of acetone. He uses these tools as an expression of his passion: removing graffiti from street signs.

Evidence everywhere

People do things like this everywhere. If you don’t believe it, open your eyes and look around. Seeing Jim do this was special because it gave us a chance to share his story with those following our innovation. His also perfectly shows our foundational premise accurate.

We approached Jim after he made light work of a graffiti tag on a yellow and black street sign. We asked him if he did what he just did of his own free will or was someone paying him. Jim said no one pays him. He likes doing it because he doesn’t like seeing graffiti on public spaces. When asked if he does it in more places than just his local neighborhood, Jim said sometimes he does it in other places too.

Here’s Jim wiping down the sign he just cleaned.

Jim, who is retired, cleaning graffiti from his local street sign. Cleaning graffiti from public spaces is something Jim does out of his own personal interest. He like seeing public spaces graffiti-free.

Passions drive people

Jim is retired. It’s clear he’s passionate about clearing graffiti from spaces. Why else would he take time on a Sunday to go around cleaning street signs? Because his passion moves him to do it. Jim said he believes erasing graffiti reduces the chances of more appearing.

“I’ve also seen the opposite though,“ he said. “When I have erased the graffiti, it has come back sometimes.”

People willing to do these kinds of things create NBV in Copiosis. Whenever someone creates NBV in Copiosis, the Copiosis algorithm rewards NBR to that person. How much is up to the algorithm, but it’s clear Jim here does something he enjoys doing. So getting NBR for expressing his passion offers a nice bonus.

Some people ask “well how does the algorithm know Jim did this?” Jim can self report it. Or someone seeing him do it can report it. There also might be Copiosis Organization members who witness him do it. As sousvellience increases world wide, more and more such acts can be documented and rewarded.

Yes potential fraud is an issue, but not a big one. After all, we’re not taking anyone else’s NBR and awarding it to Jim. NBR only works for consuming luxuries, and the amounts we’re talking about are small. If you want to know more about eliminating corruption, gaming and cheats, watch this video. Doing so is quite easy.

Rather than working for profit or income, Copiosis encourages people to identify their passion then express themselves from there. We know when people do that, they enjoy themselves. Like Jim above. They also improve other people’s lives and also benefit the planet. Like Jim above. 😊

That’s why Copiosis rewards people Net Benefit Rewards when they express their passions. Because expressing passions makes people and the planet better off.

Recurring income anyone?

Some acts generate perpetual passive NBR income for actors. Those that do create lasting, ongoing benefits. Fortunately, nearly everyone creates value meriting such income, so everyone in Copiosis, over time gets quite rich. Keep in mind too that people get their food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare all at no cost as well. Businesses get all their capital goods – including labor – at no cost as well.

In this way, the world gets better, everyone gets richer – not just a few – and, in time humanity can give up this business where we expect people to earn their living doing things they don’t like for paltry income. Income they get only for doing things a rigid, narrow market says has value.

The future is Copiosis. We know this because we see it. You will too. It’s just a matter of time.

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