[VIDEO] People Better Prepare To Be Amazed

In Copiosis, you control your wealth. No one else. In Copiosis though, wealth includes way more than cash stashed away or stocks or bonds. Besides, none of those things exist in Copiosis.

You wealth in Copiosis represents various, multiple streams of Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) flowing into your NBR Accounts perpetually. No one can steal it. Because taxes don’t exist in Copiosis, your NBR comes tax-free. And, you can’t give your NBR to anyone else. Why would they want it? It’s worthless to them.

Your wealth also comes in all the food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare you enjoy at no cost to you or anyone else. Copiosis rests on a foundation believing the world belongs to us all. So do things this world creates. So you enjoy wealth represented by the planet’s plenty.

Since your wealth safely exists apart from anyone and since you pay nothing for what you need you needn’t work jobs to earn livings. That creates lives where people really live in freedom. Real freedom.

Much of this freedoms springs from the Copiosis NBR framework and how it functions. It allows anyone freedom to pursue passions. People who do that in Copiosis get rich.

NBR: Way better than money

The problem with money is that it can be stolen, taxed, lost, used to buy influence and transferred in a myriad of ways. You also must work for money then use that money to afford your needs and wants.

NBR goes farther since you don’t need it to pay for what you need. And, since luxuries get created at no cost too, they’re way less expensive than today.

In Capitalism, your income depends on things you can’t control. In Copiosis, it is easy to create multiple NBR streams – the only limitation is how much Net Benefit Value you generate. And, so long as the benefit you create persists, you keep getting income. Passive income made easy!

We don’t see how today’s world can compete with what we offer. You will too, once you see Copiosis in action. That action you’ll see sooner than later. Prepare to be amazed.

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