How to Purge Toxic Masculinity From the World

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From a Copiosis perspective, toxic masculinity isn’t a problem. It’s a symptom of problems inherent in today’s world, including economic pressures that don’t exist in Copiosis.

What Is It toxic masculinity? A 2018 blog post in Psychology Today says:

Toxic masculinity tells us it’s a dog-eat-dog world, every man for himself and we must have wealth, status, and power by any means necessary, even if it means hurting or using others.”

In other words, “survival of the fittest.”

It needn’t be this way

Biologist Charles Darwin theorized in 1854 that “survival of the fittest” described the natural world. Since then however, that ideal got applied to capitalism. Then to Western society in general. Consequently, conditions haven’t been great for humanity or the planet.

Arguably, toxic masculinity is a form of psychosis. We can’t legislate or shame it out of existence. Therapy can benefit, but not across an entire society. And while social change begins with individuals, a collective approach helps reinforce individual efforts.

Besides few men suffering under toxic masculinity know they’re suffering. Fewer still will do anything about their toxic behavior.

Copiosis eliminates the the socio-economic conditions promoting toxic behavior. Such behavior reflects the actor’s fear and insecurity. Fears and insecurities which come from living in a world based on toxic masculine standards. One feeds the other in a self-reinforcing loop.

Frameworks Copiosis rests upon don’t include such standards. In Copiosis everyone can relax in a world where dog-eat-dog competition and associated symptoms don’t exist.

Copiosis cannot rid the world of bullies and abusers right away. However, it does remove economic and social stressors contributing to toxic male behavior.

Once men (and women) are freed from their need to fight for everything by exploiting others, they’ll find relaxing and enjoyable lives await them. Once enough people experience that, most forms of bullying, abuse and domination will naturally fade away.

By K.J. McElrath

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