[Video] A Happy Future Where People Live Debt Free

Copiosis creates a bridge to a future many believe possible, but few understand how to get there.

And that’s why so many wealthy people don’t sign up for projects offering no practical transition. They want what everyone else wants: a future for their kids. A healthy planet. They’re human, so they feel for other humans who suffer.

We know this because wealthy people and people capable of generating wealth now support what we’re doing. More of them recognize our practical, well thought-through process for getting to the better future we see as ready for and worthy of their support. We answer questions other ideas ignore, as we explain in this short video:

Going from a money and debt system to a moneyless society requires a transition of some kind. Copiosis offers a brilliant strategy for doing so. Only Copiosis can do this, thanks to its innovative Net Benefit Value concept.

Making everyone debt-free forever is easy when you know how to do it. Copiosis’ new process not only frees people from debt, it also keeps creditors whole. Why would anyone resist such an approach? Once they understand it, no one will.

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