[VIDEO] People Get Rich Only By Doing Good

Even in Copiosis, people will try “gaming the system”. But gaming doesn’t work when people get rewarded when they make the system ever better. Wealth in Copiosis flows to those producing real value. As we explain in this video:

Property/asset owners/stewards see increased wealth too. But the majority of wealth flows to those creating value. Not those owning things. That means front line folks get the lion’s share of awards. Owners get rewarded too, but their wealth comes from value they produce, not the value produced by others using property they own. Just owning property produces no value. So why should people get rich for that?

That makes no sense.

We want people breaking things

We want people figuring out how to exploit unintentional loopholes in Copiosis. Even those gaming the system create value. They reveal vulnerabilities we need to fix. So they can get rewards for what look like destructive acts.

This shows how nearly every human act creates benefit. That’s why Copiosis rewards every human act. The better we get at it, even seemingly insignificant acts could receive rewards. It doesn’t work that way from the beginning, of course, but as it improves, the Copiosis algorithm gets more granular in its capability. So when someone makes the algorithm better, even by breaking it, that someone gets rewarded.

Nearly everyone doing things does those things for the good in them. Even people doing bad things do them out of desperation. They want to do good. But something prevents them from doing that. “Something” often means opportunity, money, or limits, self-imposed or otherwise.

Copiosis ends all that. It leaves people free. Then people can choose following their heart, their passions. Do that and everyone creates good.

So everyone gets rich by doing what they do because nearly everything merits an award…so long as results create net benefit. We love Copiosis for this. We think you will too.

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