[VIDEO] We All Should Be Billionaires

A lot of people are angry at billionaires. Some believe billionaires shouldn’t exist. Why do people feel this way? Would they feel that way were they, themselves billionaires? Perhaps they look at so many in poverty, including the working class and middle class poor and think it’s egregious that there are people with so little, while a very few have so much.

It’s hard to celebrate another’s wealth when yours is so paltry. Especially when you want what that other person has.

But what if everyone were a billionaire? What if our society could create a world where everyone is richer than they could imagine? That’s what our host offered in this interview with two Copiosis representatives.

In Copiosis, there are no limits on how much good can be done, once we change from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. The Copiosis framework helps do that.

One illusion today’s system fosters is the challenge of meeting demand with limited resources. But there are no limited resources. And no one need compete with another to get what they want.

In Copiosis, everyone becomes a billionaire within 50 years or so. By giving, people receive in abundance. That’s the world we envision.

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