[VIDEO] Why Do People Hate Algorithms?

A lot of people hate algorithms. Some fear them. That’s probably because some algorithms today are secret and designed to exploit human weaknesses. Not the Copiosis algorithm.

Algorithms people most now about, YouTube and Facebook algorithms, for example, live in infamy because of their human and societal effects.

Recent discoveries show such algorithms maximize profit taking over all else. That means creating a stable society, giving girls healthy self-images and keeping communities safe all get screwed by some of today’s algorithms.

But not all algorithms are as negative as those highlighted in the news. Far more operate in ways that keep people safe. Many of our transportation systems rely on algorithms for example. That includes buses, airlines and trains.

Many advanced medical devices rely on algorithms to function. Your computer or mobile device functions on algorithms too. So algorithms can be beneficial.

The Copiosis algorithm offers an extreme example of a beneficial algorithm. For one, It is 100 percent transparent and open sourced. That means it doesn’t operate in secret and, the public gets a say in how it runs. It also only generates wealth for people only when they do things that create Net Benefit Value. That’s a HUGE difference between our algorithm and algorithms used in the biggest private companies.

Our algorithm is very difficult to hack too. Some fear someone can jigger it so it rewards people unfairly. Here we explain the extraordinary difference between our algorithm and others with which you may be familiar and why hacking it is really, really hard:

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