[VIDEO] Why Our New Way Works Better Than Money

Copiosis eliminates debt and replaces money with Net Benefit Reward (NBR). While it may bear a superficial resemblance to currency (money), it is more accurate to describe it as a social recognition for your contribution to creating a great world for others and yourself.

You earn money. But you don’t earn NBR. NBR represents an award, not income.

How much NBR you get depends on impacts you produce. The more benefit your act creates for communities or the environment, the more you get. Therefore, a group that cures a disease will get more NBR than someone who helps another carry home their groceries.

You can’t give your NBR to another. And NBR’s only use is unlocking your ability to consume luxuries (non-Necessity items). This non-transferability ends many current problems. Like fraud and corruption. It does so more efficiently than costly justice system processes.

Unlike money, people get NBR in many cases just by living. When people “Do no harm” and let others be, they create benefit. Any beneficial action, no matter how small, can generate NBR. More impactful actions whose impacts last create “residual awards” in the form of an ongoing NBR stream for the actor.

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