What Happens To Criminals In The New World Order

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In the last two posts, we explained why we must keep bankers and finance people happy. Today we’ll tackle the third powerful group: Organized crime.

Criminals love money-based economic systems. That’s because they take advantage of money’s inherent weaknesses. One major weakness is its transferability. A person can take someone else’s money using force. Someone can fraud or swindle another out of their money. Because money is amoral, people can and do make a lot of money, doing immoral things.

They traffic humans, run illegal drug trades, extort business owners and more. These days, online criminal organizations make billions bilking people through online scams. It’s just very easy making money through crime these days. It’s a wonder we don’t see more of this happening.

Once Copiosis replaces money with Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) the majority of crime stops. Criminal activity we put up with these days literally won’t pay in Copiosis. I can see how the criminal underworld might go apoplectic, once they get wind of Copiosis. Copiosis ends their world as they know it. Once we start making what they think is real progress criminal organizations might get pissed.

Criminals aren’t shy about using violence and intimidation to get their way. Which is why we really need to be able to keep them happy as we transition humanity to Copiosis.

Here’s how we might do that.

It’s all about education

Criminals are criminals because of two among, probably, many, reasons. For one, crime pays a lot. Criminals also do not consider “rule of law” legitimate. People running huge crime organizations are very smart. Many criminals, before becoming criminals, start their criminal careers not because they’re dumb. Criminals resort to crime because they have no other options. Even though they may be highly enterprising.

They grow up poor. They find camaraderie, strength and power in joining gangs. In such environments, crime isn’t seen as crime. It’s survival, the hustle. It’s getting paid.

Criminals aren’t all bad or evil people either. Hardship and struggle creates and then hardens them. Often the “mainstream” marginalizes them and their families or ethnic groups. So those resorting to crime believe they have no other choice.

In Copiosis, life becomes easier for everyone. Just being alive and interacting with others pays in Copiosis. On top of that, necessity goods are provided at no cost to everyone. So “struggle” and “hardship” pretty much disappears in the New World Order.

Copiosis, therefore, addresses root causes that create criminals. The trick is, getting criminals to see that, in Copiosis, getting rich is easier than committing crime.

Any criminal activity having taken place before the transition will not be prosecuted. Copiosis’ Truth and Reconciliation process allows a peaceful, humane acknowledgment of past ill deeds. But it also recognizes people committing such deeds were in large part reacting to an inhumane system. So retribution for past acts makes no sense.

Finally, any wealth, assets or investments criminals enjoy prior to the transition remain theirs afterwards. All money gets transferred into NBR too. So criminals after the transition remain as wealthy as they are today.

What will they do?

These elements might go a long way towards soothing rage criminals might feel as Copiosis succeeds. But we must address one other thing: what will criminals do once criminal activity no longer pays?

In the same way bankers and finance people won’t be able to do the same things they did in Capitalism, in Copiosis, it will be very hard for Criminals to do much crime after the transition. We’ve explained why in a number of posts.

How will street level criminals get what they need to consume luxuries they prize so much? Thankfully the answer is easy. Anything they do that generates Net Benefit Value generates NBR. Nearly everyone enjoys a nearly unlimited number of NBR generating possibilities.

Money creates lucrative opportunities for criminals. But NBR offers none. Thankfully there’s lots former criminals can do to get rich.

Even if a community shuns their previous activity, or if it treats them poorly today, former criminals they can still do well.

That’s because all someone needs is a good idea and passion. Coordinators in Copiosis generate NBR for themselves by brokering connections between parties, where such connections lead to NBV creation. A very large number of coordinators will exist. In our last post we wrote about how former finance people might put their vast contacts to use by being coordinators. Former criminals could become coordinators too!

Coordinators get NBR when their introductions produce NBV. So they are motivated to do as much connecting as possible. We expect specialty coordinators will exist in marginalized groups. And likely some more mainstream coordinators will specialize in connecting marginalized groups with mainstream opportunities. Many examples of people doing similar things already exist in Capitalism. Why not in Copiosis?

Fabulous luxuries available to all

Finally, the amazing variety of accessible luxuries might inspire many criminals to go straight. Once they see luxuries available, and how easy it is to get them, why would they still do crime? Especially when it will be near impossible to get rich through criminal acts.

What’s more, peace officers might be far more numerous, equipped with the best technology and motivated to catch criminals. Preventing or stopping crime generates a lot of NBV. People acting as community watchdogs will get NBR for preventing crime too. Making crime pay in Copiosis, therefore, will be very, very hard.

The best way to get criminals on our side is to make it easier to not be a criminal.

Some might not like letting criminals go unpunished. But at Copiosis, we’re focused on moving forward by making crime impossible. Not punishing it. As mentioned above, there still will be a justice system. But because most weaknesses inherent in money don’t exist in Copiosis, a lot of crime happening today can’t happen in Copiosis. That means “justice” can focus on proactive measures which could prevent most non-money related crime.

A community with no criminals has no crime. Our bet is, living in Copiosis will offer a level of satisfaction so great even criminals will want it. But we’re not naive. That’s why we’ll keep innovating, improving Copiosis and our transition as we go along.

Our bet is on convincing criminals that not being criminals pays way more than trying to keep committing crime. We’ll see whether that approach works.

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