What Happens When People Get Ready For a Wonderful Future

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

So many people on both sides of the political aisle are ready for the future Copiosis offers. Progressives have been pushing for that better future for a long, long time. Meanwhile, Conservatives believe that better future lies behind them. That’s the main philosophical divergence between the two perspectives.

But in the last 30 years, Conservatives got as fed up with the way things are as Progressives. They blame progressive government, and liberals specifically, for problems they see. Looking at the political field now, it seems their attacks on Progressives constitute a two-pronged, brilliant strategy. The other prong is doing things they think will bring back the past they glorify so much. Such as making government into their conservative image.

The more Conservatives vilify the other side and try to bring back the past, the more strength they add to the coming future. It’s a future that looks nothing like what they think they want. But it contains everything they want. Progressives’ fingers pointing at Conservatives do the same thing. The future offers what they want too. Which is why this wonderful future is assured.

Trumpism is good

The Trump Era gives evidence to momentum both sides foment. Further more, Trump put out in the open what once happened in shadows. That’s why his presidency was so good. This, to me, represents his greatest legacy. The more Progressive angst and Conservative anger he generates, the better the future gets.

So as both sides rile themselves up in resistance of what they hate, they make way, energetically, for what’s coming. That is, a future offering the best for everyone. Conservatives and Progressives alike.

Presumably a progressive expressing their angst over the problem they see inherent in spending so much on defense and so little on feeding Americans. This focus keeps our problems front and center, which is why so few non-profits go out of business by actually solving the problems they’re meant to address.

Total freedom on the way

That future will offer so much of what both sides want, the freedom inherent in it will make Conservatives and Progressives wonder why it took so long to get there. The answer will be found as science and spirituality (not religion) merge. Once those two realize they enhance and support each other, distortions in both will gradually fall. Then, our scientists will discover profound realizations in age-old spiritual truths. One of which is “what you resist persists.”

For indeed, both sides resist and continue resisting what they think should change, rather than looking at options potentially creating change they want. Unfortunately too, the Rule of Law makes people think change they want must come at the expense of controlling or inhibiting other people’s freedoms.

Both sides prove the adage “what you resist persists”. They both complain about what they don’t like. Look around. Does all that complaining eliminate what they don’t like? Or does what they don’t like just get bigger and more intense? It’s no wonder our political climate contains so much strife, struggle, divisiveness and division.

There’s no end in sight to all that. But the future on the other side of all that is wonderful.

Something for everyone

“Something for everyone” is a psychological paradox. After all, it seems leftist and the extreme right want diametrically-opposed things. Conservatives demand smaller government and less taxes. Progressives believe in higher taxes on the rich. Some Conservatives say gun ownership is fundamental right. Some Progressives believe gun restrictions make safer communities.

Indeed, Conservatives and Progressives apparently disagree on such issues. Or do they?

What if everyone could own guns and NO mass shootings happened? What if no laws restricted gun ownership and yet violent gun crime dropped to near zero? Are such things really impossible?

I don’t think they are. That’s why I suggest an apparent psychological paradox exists. It’s apparent. It’s psychological. That means the paradox is not real. It’s in our heads. The answer then is figuring out how to envision a world where such psychological paradoxes don’t create their counterparts in physical reality.

The future offers something both sides will like. Of course, that future is Copiosis.

Choose your feeling

The wonderful future does this. Understanding how it does this requires putting oneself where one can see that future. That requires turning the other cheek. Looking at the world as it is and complaining about it blinds the person complaining to the wonderful future.

In the next 30 years Progressives and Conservatives may join forces. They may find they share more in common than what makes them different. The wonderful future will help make that happen. That’s why I stand eager for for it.

In the meantime, the angst and fear both sides create is good. It’s driving people away from the status quo and into that future. It can feel scary facing the unknown. Or it can feel like adventure. Which one do you choose to feel?

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