Do Conservatives Think More Than Liberals Think?

A seemingly surprising thing happened in Kansas last week. The red state voted by huge margins to preserve women’s choice over their bodies. Kansas is significantly known for its overwhelmingly conservative body politic. So the Kansas vote offers interesting insight.

The vote comes after the super-majority conservative SCOTUS threw out precedent making abortions a constitutional freedom. The politically active court’s decision freed states to keep abortion as legal or not. That opened the door for many red state attacks on a woman’s right to choose.

A lot of states are taking exactly that offensive. But Kansas represents a potential women’s-rights bellwether. Many people from southern states travel to the Sunflower State to get abortions. So Kansas’ election sustaining and preserving abortions as legal was a huge deal. It might indicate a move in the opposite direction of the Handmaid’s Tale Dystopia some conservatives envision.

Is it true?

While the vote was surprising, many liberals are somewhat shocked by the overwhelming vote in favor of enshrining abortion access in law. They’re surprised conservatives would vote down a proposal banning abortions. Many progressives are therefore reconsidering their narrow perspective on conservatives. Are conservatives really not as black and white as liberals think?

Go figure.

This explains why some Copiosis supporters say conservatives will likely staunchly support the innovation. Those following Copiosis closely, who also speak to conservatives intelligently and respectfully, know most conservatives as thoughtful and nuanced in their ideas. As a result, they will consider new ideas as well as existing ones from that nuance.

Conservatives are thoughtful people. But anyone on either side of the aisle can let fear dominate and distort one’s thinking. The majority of people though maintain their clarity. That includes conservatives. Despite daily pressures and overt manipulation campaigns, they stick to their gut, which keeps them true to their values.

Copiosis appeals to both

That means when conservatives or progressives think about Copiosis, most will discover it lines up with the world they envision. After all, Copiosis offers something for everyone. No matter what side of the political spectrum one stands benefits abound.

A Copiosis supporter constructed an interesting table illustrating this truth. We took liberties in recreating it here.

Copiosis: For conservatives and progressives, what’s not to like?

Bottom line: Conservatives are more thoughtful and nuanced than progressives give them credit for. We eagerly expect many of them supporting Copiosis once we prove beyond doubt that it works.

That’s why we’re not concerned about conservative resistance. Instead we expect most conservatives will like what they see. Progressives too, of course.

And that’s why Kansas conservatives voting to uphold women’s rights bodes well for the New World Order that is Copiosis.

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