When I get it right

So our latest explainer video is a success. That’s nice to see. I wasn’t worried whether nor not the explainer video would work. I knew it was going to be good. The feedback I worried most about, was the group of people who paid for it: my patrons.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Or rather my worry caused me to produce something they liked. Patron responses are heartening. They have told me they are proud to have their name affiliated with the video. You can’t know how much that means to me.

yes_mural_dumbo_sagmeister_wadeA lot of work went into this work. Much of it from the crew at Arigato Studios, lead by the “butt kicking CEO” Yoel Belilty. When Yoel first read the script, which, by the way was drafted first by a script writer out of South Africa, he had this to say:

I saw your script and let me tell you that Im amazed. Its a revolutionary idea. It makes you think a lot about our society

I think it was that fascination that lead to such a creative expression seen in the video. I think we’ll see more of Yeol’s team’s work in the future.

If you have a project and are looking for relatively inexpensive, but obviously high-quality visual capability, then check out Yeol’s team on Fiverr.

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