When people hate what you do

You know you’re onto something big when people get really emotional at what you’ve done or are doing.

That’s the case with our work. One of the hallmarks of good…no…excellent marketing is when your marketing strategy polarizes the audience. The more polarized the better. Because you’re reaching people who freakin’ love what you do and you’re creating others who hate it.

And the haters are as valuable as those who love it. Why? Because they are creating friction. And friction – as sad as it is to say – is news.

But I love those who love the work more. Why? Because they get it. And when people get what you’re doing….well, you know: it just feels good. The hate puts the love in even greater contrast, making even that much more delicious.

So I say bring on the love. And don’t mind the hate. It’s all good.

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