When Things Worsen Copiosis Happens

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Everyone following Copiosis helps make it reality. The easiest way Copiosis becomes our global reality is when our current global reality worsens. Get caught up in the “worsens” though and you become a victim instead of a catalyst.

I invite you: become a catalyst.

How? Express and appreciate your enthusiasm about what’s happening.

Maybe like someone who contacted me on Facebook recently, you now see how providence-inspired “coincidences” cause fundamental change. These are NOT coincidences. A global pandemic creating massive economic disruption is exactly what the doctor ordered.

People panic-hoarding, trying to gouge consumers; governments and infrastructure struggling mightily yet inadequately; a media awash in grim news…all these reactions help.

Yes, people are struggling. People are dying. Tell me a time when fundamental change happened without that?


Sometimes struggle, pain, disaster and suffering are the only way people get kicked out of complacency. Some don’t see problems until they’re personally affected. Sometimes disaster convinces people we can do better. These people need clear evidence things aren’t working.

Well, they’re getting that.

Events happening today are the best, most effective evidence.

A lot of people think capitalism slightly problematic, yet worth the pain it causes. COVID-19 is changing minds. Not all minds. Others will need even more stark evidence. That may come.

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Already see it? Good

Do you see the signs? Maybe you’re excited about COVID-19 as a clarion, but too embarrassed considering grief, pain and uncertainty around you. Eagerness and excitement are not popular right now. I encourage your optimism.

If you see providence you may think: it’s time to turn up the volume on Copiosis marketing! If you’re thinking that, I encourage the following. It costs nothing, yet it’s more powerful than any monetary sum. First, let’s get the mindset right.

You may be in one of two places. You may feel desperate, needy or tight. You might think now is the time to get the Copiosis word out before things return to normal. Before it’s too late.


You might feel eagerness or excitement, a feeling saying “it’s so interesting how all this pandemic, fear, economic crisis, federal struggle and more is happening in such perfect timing.”

If you feel the former, you’ll need an attitude adjustment.  Read on, this will help.

If you feel the latter, enjoy feeling that eager excitement! Think about how perfect everything is happening right now. Think about the businesses threatened with closure, people losing their jobs, people potentially losing their homes, and everything people are doing to prevent that. Consider too that as we practice social distancing in our homes, we find more time for what matters: individual awareness, family, community, to share, to be friendly.

Think about all the people stepping up, helping their fellow people. Think about how many people see now that we’re literally all in this together. If a renter loses her job and the landlord too, both are screwed in capitalism. For while the renter can’t pay rent, the landlord can’t pay the mortgage. And with no job as backup, the landlord’s asset becomes a liability. The bank is in trouble too as loans default.

This “disaster” is the best thing that has happened in a long time.

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Think about it! In the US right now, the right wing (the conservative party) feels compelled to give every American cash! Even capitalism’s biggest proponents must see capitalism’s fragility!

Enjoy knowing that you feel and see perfect timing in events coalescing worldwide. Acknowledge said events and timing prepare society for fundamental change. They never produce lasting catastrophes.

Shift in your attitude, your thoughts, and your attention and you contribute tons of momentum to Copiosis as our new reality. Hold this perspective for 30 days and watch. You’ll be shocked what happens next.

I’ve been saying providence would aid Copiosis. Specifically, I wrote this in 2015 as part of describing our transition plan:

Providence steps in

  • Over the next 10 to 20 years, remarkable events happen.  These events secular-oriented people call “luck,” “happy accidents,” and “coincidence” for good reason.  They seem completely random or magical.  That’s not what’s actually happening, but that’s what it looks like to the average person.  That’s why the average person (and some creators/leaders) describe these events as “luck,” “perfect timing,” and coincidence.  The reality is, these events are not random, and they’re not luck.  They can be manufactured.

I’ve said this all along because I knew it all along. Now we’re seeing it happen.

If you feel eager and excited about what you’re seeing in the world, you can best serve what I’m doing AND Copiosis by focusing on that eagerness and excitement. How you feel and what you put your attention on are more powerful than what anyone does.

Your eagerness and excitement allows acts behind the scenes forward. Acts which create massive events I can’t or Copiosis can’t possibly orchestrate. If I could and did, I’d go to jail!

Copiosis benefits when people hoard, price gouge, and feel their financial insecurity. Copiosis benefits when the government struggles to keep a flimsy economy going. Copiosis benefits when markets falter in the face of providence. It also benefits when you see all this as harbingers of fundamental change.

I said a couple years ago that things had to get a bit worse before people start seeing the light. Well, welcome to the light.

Copiosis comes out of crises that wake people from believing capitalism is the best we can do, when it’s no where near the best we can do.

We can do better. And we will.

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