Why the world is flat

It's timeI was having a chat with someone I respect.

It reminded me how bizarre the world is. Bizarre because it’s flat.

Not the geography, but our experience of it. This experience is why the great majority of us are apathetic about life on Earth. Little has changed.

Where are the inflections pointing to shifts in how we accept and tolerate the totality that is humanity? Point to any progress made historically or today – the Confederated Nations, suffrage, emancipation, gay marriage. For each, I’ll show you both current and historical examples indicating a status quo including oppressing others, dominating others, persecuting others; settling for wage and other forms of slavery and victimhood at the hands of others.

This is not a bummer post, I swear.

Today, among some “enlightened” circles, people are conceding to something uniquely accessible to humanity. People are beginning to concede humanity’s “inevitable extinction”. Ecocide is boomeranging back upon us. Exploitation of others for love, sex, financial gain, power, whatever, continues as it did in the days of kings and queens conquistadors and merchants leading to our moral decrepitude . All this is culminating in an End to Humanity.

In my conversation with my respected associate, we acknowledged little has changed in the way “government” and “economies” are used to wage a kind of manageable “humanicide”. Despite anthropological evidence indicating decades of peaceful coexistence between peoples of the world between peoples of the world and their environment, humanity continues to do its worst not to the planet, not to animals that share this planet, but to members of its own.

That can change. I don’t believe as some do that we must accept our specie’s demise as foregone conclusion. Yes, we’re all going to die at some point. For the foreseeable future, no one lives this life forever. Yet claims that humanity is doomed are greatly over exaggerated.

A denial of facts? Maybe maybe not. Until humanity is reduced to a reproductively unviable number, extinction is conjecture, not fact. Until then, it’s time to act. Here’s what you can do.

Make a time investment. Help us create a different human civilization. We don’t need your money. We need your smarts. Two to three days of your time spread out over a month or so will help create a world we once thought impossible:

  • Healthcare for all at no cost to them
  • Food, clothing, shelter, provided to all at no cost to them
  • A civilization free of governments none have which have operated in the best interest of humanity
  • All of humanity freed from wage and debt slavery
  • Elimination of nearly all crime including corruption, theft, trafficking, extortion etc.
  • Elimination of wealth-derived power, political power, all power used to oppress and control others
  • An explosion of business opportunities
  • The end of unemployment
  • The end of capitalism

This is no pipe dream. It will be our reality. Does this list inspire you? Help make it happen.

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