Why Young People Quitting Jobs Is A Great Thing

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A recent survey shows older workers more satisfied with their jobs than younger ones. There are good reasons for that. The polling organization also looked at why younger people are quitting their jobs more than older ones. It’s an interesting dichotomy. Younger people are quitting their jobs, but older people express satisfaction with their jobs. What’s up with that?

I think the dichotomy represents the impending shift to the New World Order. The New World Order that is Copiosis, that is. It also shows how newer generations come pre-wired for that shift. Meanwhile, older generations are stable and mostly happy in the way things are and for good reasons.

In a previous post, I described why we’re better off with conservatives. I explained both liberals and conservatives serve valuable purposes. In other words, liberals need conservatives. And conservatives need liberals.

The same holds for generational groups. Older generations offer a stable environment of jobs, an economy, a working, generally safe, civilization. Meanwhile, younger generations come into the world demanding more and better. They represent change, while older generations represent the platform on which that change happens.

Some lose their way, that’s ok

Every generation born starts as change agents. But, in many cases, people in those generations assimilate to the world around them. For better or for worse they accept what is. That so many choose assimilation explains why so few iconoclasts exist. Most people just want to go along to get along.

But enough stick with their new ideas to create change we see happening. The Greta Thunbergs and Boyan Slats of the world come into the world strongly attuned to their desire to see something better. I consider myself one of those people. And so, we put those desires into action. No matter how long it takes. Then the world changes.

Meanwhile, those who get along to go along create the world most of us enjoy. They offer us stability, just like conservatives do for progressive ideas. So most of us can enjoy stable, peaceful lives. It gets out of whack sometimes. But those times often bring the greatest and most momentous changes.

We’re in such an era today.

It’s no surprise older, wealthier workers are more satisfied with their jobs than younger workers.

Copiosis is assured

The great thing about how the Universe works is change is assured. Since we’re in a time of momentous change, we can expect changes happening will rock society’s foundations. That’s exactly what Copiosis brings.

Young people are coming into the world pre-wired to not be ok with the way things are. They’re getting just enough of what is to realize how sucky what is, is. Their angst at working long hours, for low pay, in an economy that keeps them poor is good. It prompts them towards a world that fits with what they know could be their world. They want change. And change is coming.

The New World order isn’t about oppression. It’s about freedom. Real freedom. Freedom that isn’t about living to work. Instead it’s about not working at all, if that’s what you want to do. And still getting all your needs met, and more, in the abundance that is All That Is.

The best system able to provide that reality is Copiosis. I believe young people unhappy with their jobs is not just a good thing. It’s a great thing. Because it foretells a brighter future. A brighter future for them. And a brighter future for the rest of us.

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