Will People Who Love Their Job Reject Copiosis?

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People don’t need to be pissed off about the way things are to choose Copiosis. People will choose Copiosis for many reasons. Often, people choose something because it offers more. More what? More opportunity, more freedom, more choices.

So when it comes to Copiosis, it’s not necessarily true that those happy with their lives will reject what it offers. Instead, happy people will choose Copiosis because they’re happy. In Copiosis they’ll see more opportunity for greater happiness.

Our posts the last few weeks focused on a recent Pew survey. This week does the same. We’re wringing as much value from this survey as we can. It’s that good! But it also highlights many reasons people will choose Copiosis.

Some of those people will choose out of their dissatisfaction. But many more will choose because they see more opportunity in how Copiosis works. In this post, let’s look at the latter.

Offering more

Copiosis makes everyone richer. Even the rich. The rich won’t mind that, because they’re already rich. But the poor and middle class will love Copiosis for this reason. The survey in question details how the wealthy and older people find great satisfaction with their jobs.

But those people, like everyone else, want more. They want more money, more luxury, more free time. Copiosis offers all this. They also want better futures for their kids. Many want a healthy planet and a society that treats the planet better. Copiosis offers this too.

So while these people currently enjoy their jobs, their enjoyment will increase. How could it not? And if such increases are offered, why wouldn’t such people not take Copiosis up on what it offers? Especially since it will cost them nothing!

The Pew survey offering insight about people who will love Copiosis. It offers more of what these people already enjoy at work.

Everyone richer

While those happy with their lives get happier, those dissatisfied with their lives and jobs get happier too. Last week’s post explored how Copiosis increases satisfaction for those dissatisfied. But let’s look at a couple graphs which bring this home in…er…charts and graphs.

The two graphs below show an average American family’s annual household expenses today, compared to the same expenses in Copiosis. The data comes from home expenses data from the internet. The grey bars represent what people must pay for today and how much. The magenta bars show what people must pay for in Copiosis.

You can see many household expenses in Copiosis drop to zero, leaving households with a ton more disposable income. Copiosis’ design alone reduces an average American family’s annual living costs by almost 90 percent! That’s because most things households spend money on come at no cost in Copiosis.

In Copiosis, nearly everything a family spends money on in a year comes at no cost. Family cash outlays are slashed!

Let’s play with these numbers a minute. In the second graph (below) we take some of the savings from the first graph and boost the family’s entertainment budget almost 10x, indicated by the red arrow.

So instead of spending $3,000 on entertainment out of the house, in Copiosis, even if the family spent $20,000 on entertainment, total household expenses would still go down by two-thirds compared to today! And, if the family had a mortgage, they now own their home outright. Any car loans or leases…gone…and the family keeps the cars.

Happiness amplified

What does this mean? It means more freedom. Freedom for everything. While the Pew survey shows a lot of folks dissatisfied with their jobs, a lot of those jobs people work because they must. Bills need paying. Kids gotta eat. Cars need gas. But in Copiosis, all that comes at no cost.

Also, as mentioned elsewhere, in Copiosis, people get income in multiple ways, not just a job. In Copiosis, people’s income will typically out pace their expenses. Which means people won’t NEED to work. That will free them to choose jobs they prefer, rather than doing jobs they must.

I think that alone will make a lot of people happier. Meanwhile, those already happy with what they do become happier too. After all, those people’s net worth increases dramatically because they’re not spending their worth on necessities. Which leaves them more net worth!

And while that’s happening, they too can, if they choose, choose different work. Or retire, if that’s what they want to do.

Copiosis makes this possible for everyone. So really, will people who love their jobs pick Copiosis? I think they will. Everyone else likely will too.

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