How Everyone Controls Their Own Wealth in Copiosis

In Copiosis, wealth is non-transferable. It cannot be stolen, taxed, lost or even given away. At the same time, people no longer must pay for their Necessities and are freed from “earning a living.”

The problem with physical money (and even today’s digital “cryptocurrencies”) is that it can be stolen, taxed away and redistributed, used to buy influence (bribes) and transferred in a myriad of ways. It also gives rich people power over others, including the state and markets.

This cannot happen with Net Benefit Rewards, so your wealth is safe and others’ wealth has no power. It also goes much further, since you don’t need it to pay for your Necessities.

Today, a person’s income depends on things they can’t control. That income usually comes from one or two places – a job, investments perhaps, or a “side hustle”. In Copiosis, creating multiple NBR streams is easy! The only limitation is how much Net Benefit a person creates. As long as that benefit persists, a person continues to receive passive income the rest of their lives.

Everyone controls their own wealth. Wealth in Copiosis is easy to create, so everyone, eventually, gets rich.

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