How To Get People To Give Up Bad Intents

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Hola. We’re coming near the end of this series. The series lays out how Copiosis protects itself from would-be usurpers. Copiosis has inherent processes and features making it near-impervious to such people.

These processes and features create an enormously positive living experience. One people will ferociously defend. Don’t believe us? Look at how they defend capitalism. And it doesn’t come close to what Copiosis offers!

If they defend capitalism, how much more will they defend Copiosis? It comes packed with so many benefits, we expect people will defend Copiosis at least as much as they do capitalism.

So let’s look at the next feature. The feature that makes taking over the New World Order no small feat.

Number 6: Necessities: powerful incentives

Let’s compare Copiosis to today. Today people need to earn their living. That means, anything they need they must pay for. No free healthcare. Not in capitalism. You also must pay for what you eat. It costs to heat and cool your home. You must pay for that home. Pretty much everything you might need, or want, today, you must pay to get it.

But in Copiosis, most of these things you pay nothing for. That’s right. Your food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare are Necessities in Copiosis. Everyone gets them at no cost.

But there’s a catch. The catch is, these things are not free. Other people own them. They give goods and services in these categories to people at no cost because when they do, they get rich. They’re not obligated to do that though. No one need give anything to anyone. Not if they don’t want to. That’s because everyone is free in Copiosis. If people had to give others what they own, that wouldn’t be freedom.

This framework is an important aspect of Copiosis. That’s because it allows the general public massive control over others. If someone acts in ways their community disapproves, the community can curtail necessities to voice their disapproval.

That’s powerful. Because living without necessities is rough. Even in Copiosis. Imagine your community cutting you off from these basic, but important goods and services. The threat of such a thing would likely keep most people’s behavior civil.

It would also curtail most people from joining factions intent on taking the system over.

Healthcare in Copiosis is a Necessity. That makes it also a powerful tool for keeping the system safe. (Photo: Rawpixel)

That’s not all

Die-hard despots wanting to control Copiosis might stockpile necessities in advance. But remember previous features. Watchdogs and whistleblowers will diligently look out for things like that. Agencies today run by state and federal governments also exist in Copiosis. Only people working in those agencies have far more resources at their disposal. They’re also probably far more passionate about what they’re doing. And, because people want those people to succeed, you can bet a lot of people will help these agencies. Whenever they do that, they get NBR too.

So there are a lot of dynamics active in Copiosis. All of them keep the system safe. They also keep people safe. And they keep the way of life as it is: pleasurable and prosperous.

So such agencies will notice indicators pointing to potential plots. Should they discover such plots and prosecute the plotters, community members may further punish the plotters by holding back necessities. That will be a strong signal. A signal that future would-be plotters will probably listen to.

The cooling effect of seeing communities punish people for being nefarious will temper those thinking they can wrest control of Copiosis.

Besides, it’s far better to just enjoy freedoms Copiosis offers. Trying to overthrow it, once it’s in place, really makes no sense. Again we must ask: what would motivate someone to overthrow something that offers so much good stuff to everyone?

This takes us back to the very beginning of this series. Only the maladapted will want to subvert the New World Order. But thankfully, Copiosis offers the maladapted a way to adapt. Then live happily.

We’ve said it over and over: Copiosis offers unmatched freedom. Why try to take it over?

Community: empowered

Anyone making or possessing Necessities are Necessity owners. That means everyone in society has the power to provide or withhold Necessities from anyone. Those owning Necessities, therefore, have a lot of leverage. Leverage enough to check bad behaviors.

Like we’ve offered in previous installments, today communities punish bad actors in similar ways. The bad actors lost their jobs, got banned from locations, got vilified on social media, etc. Imagine how communities would react knowing they control people through the subtle act of providing Necessities at no cost.

Today, a quarter of Americans say “using violence against the government” is ok. That’s not the same as actually doing so. But would that same group feel the same about Copiosis? Where they enjoy unparalleled freedoms? Extreme autonomy? And massive wealth? All with no traditional government?

We don’t think they would. Just the opposite. We think they’d really enjoy Copiosis. They won’t want to change it. They’d just help make it better!

Next up we look closer at law enforcement agencies and how they’re transformed in Copiosis. They’re yet another inoculation feature. See you next week.

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