The Best Organizations Protect The New World Order

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are pretty good at crime fighting. They’re especially good at foiling plots involving treason. Or those involving mass violence. Especially after 9/11. We’re near the end of our series showing why taking over Copiosis is extremely difficult. In this installment, we’re looking at “super-organizations” – hyped up versions of today’s crime fighting agencies.

These agencies operate throughout Copiosis. They’re also assisted by watchdogs and whistleblowers. Together they represent a powerful combination. Powerful enough to keep scoundrels in check.

Today, these agencies work within resource limitations. Governments limit their budgets. Many operate with limited staff. Some work with limited equipment. Nearly all of them are overworked.

Political whims affect these agencies too. These whims subject the agencies to boom and bust cycles. Tough-on-crime political leaders support them. Other political leaders though, might cut their budgets. All that leads to demoralized staffs.

How does Copiosis deal with all this? How does it turn these agencies into Super-organizations? And how does that happen without turning them into a modern day Gestapo? Let’s take a look.

Number 7: Super Organizations

Everyone working in these organizations are producers. That means they get Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) whenever their actions create Net Benefit Value (NBV). And, should their acts create perpetual benefit, they get perpetuating NBR.

Any act that keeps Copiosis stable, or makes it better, creates NBV. Also, any act that prevents someone from destroying it also creates NBV. But action is a broad concept. Even these agency employees, existing in the community offer a deterrent effect. So on their way to foiling a plot, their presence in the community earns them NBR.

Anyone who works with these people also create NBV. Informants, for example, would receive NBR for acts that foil potential plots. A person needn’t be a “snitch” to inform. Everyday people would also get NBR for helping these organizations.

Men and women in blue become part of the Super-Organizations Protecting Copiosis (Photo by Nightscream – Own work, CC BY 3.0)

Of course, these organizations get all their resources at no cost. So budget concerns disappear. It’s likely too that many producers will gladly support these agencies with all the tech they need. When that tech helps foil a plot, those suppliers get NBR too.

Every school educating new officers also creates NBV. So we might expect more of such schools coming on line. There are a lot of people who are passionate about keeping people safe. As we said before, many people will be passionate about keeping the system safe too. Such people needn’t work for these agencies. But these people might find filling those ranks satisfying. So we expect these agencies to swell in manpower.

So with all the resources they need, all the people they need and no costs hindering them, how much better would they be at doing their jobs?

Other factors worth considering

Of course crime is very low in Copiosis. So people in these agencies won’t be as overwhelmed as they are today. They can therefore focus on bigger fish. Which means discovering such plots becomes much more likely. Solving them does too.

But we think the biggest incentive for these folks is how rich they can get. Keeping people safe creates huge NBV. And we’ve seen today how agency personnel go to great lengths to keep people safe. It’s a sure bet they’ll be even more motivated to do that in Copiosis. Not because they’ll get rich. Although they will. But because they’re free to express their passion. And many law enforcement people are good people. Good people passionate about keeping people safe.

With crime low and lots of time to do their jobs right, we suspect general attitudes towards these people will improve too as they do more of what people want and less of what they don’t. That means prestige from doing this work will go up. Luxury providers might make special programs for people who do such work. Just like today how some businesses offer honors to veterans. In Copiosis, though, doing that won’t cost those companies. So we expect such honors to be much grander than they are today.

Less crime frees up agency actors to focus on bigger problems. It will also reduce their stress, making them better at their jobs. (Photo by Nauman Abdul Hafeez on Unsplash)

Don’t forget the other agencies!

There are agencies and organizations that preserve lawful society besides the police, the FBI and others field agencies. Courts, law firms, judges, parole officers and others exist too. And let’s not forget the military, national guard, and covert organizations operating abroad.

Those working in these organizations, in Copiosis, get very rich protecting the constitution, Copiosis and people living in it. Like other people when they create NBV, rewards these people get keeps coming in if what they do creates lasting NBV.

Wondering how much NBR a detective might get after foiling a plot to overthrow Copiosis? Do the calculation yourself. Or contact us and we’ll walk you through it. It’s an enormous sum compared to what they’re paid today.

The vast network all these organizations and people represent totally permeates Copiosis. Watchdogs and whistleblowers augment their activities. Then there’s average people. People who might get involved in a “see something, say something” way.

In other words, it’s extremely unlikely a plot to overthrow Copiosis could get off the ground. So far we’ve looked at seven reasons why that is. All these reasons synergize with one another. Together they create a near impermeable barrier of prevention.

But in case these seven aren’t enough, we have three more to look at. Next week we examine Copiosis’ inherent design that’s purpose built to thwart scoundrels.

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