How Design Protects The New World Order

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

We’re nearing the end of this series exploring ten features protecting Copiosis from insecure control freaks. Over the past seven weeks, we examined what makes life in the New World Order fun. That’s because the best way to protect the system is by making living in it fun.

Copiosis does that. Its radical freedoms are unparalleled. Amassing wealth is easy too. Virtually any act merits income. People get pay for just living too! That’s unparalleled!

Meanwhile, producers create astounding luxuries. That’s because they’re free too. And it costs them nothing to make these things. The sky’s the limit! Their wealth-making is unlimited too. People love luxuries. In Copiosis, people have lots of time to enjoy those things. And the more they use them, the more producers make.

Many other features make life fun in Copiosis. That fun protects what Copiosis offers. After all, why would someone want to ruin the fun?

If that’s not enough though, Copiosis comes with other features. Some of those we’ve already looked at. We’ll look at others in the next few weeks.

In short, Copiosis offers unparalleled freedom, unparalleled wealth, unparalleled opportunity. Why would someone want to change that?

Because some people are in pain. They got poor upbringing. Poor upbringing from people who also got poor upbringing. So they think controlling others will relieve their pain.

That’s ok. Because Copiosis offers them something too. It offers no-cost therapy. And when they get better, everyone wins.

This week, let’s look at Copiosis’ technical design features. Features playing key roles in protecting The New World Order.

Number 8: Inherent technical design prevents corruption

While folks are on the look out for bad guys, the system’s technical design is hard at work too. The entire system is open Source, for example. That makes it largely incorruptible.

Notice no one has successfully taken over existing open source systems. Look at Apache, for example. It is one of the largest open source projects in the world. Almost a quarter of the busiest websites run on it.

Another example: GitHub. It’s another open source project. No one has tried taking it over either. Yet another: Wikipedia. Many try every day to corrupt it. But Wikipedia volunteers continually catch such people. Every day these volunteers do this work. Why? Because they love the work. They love Wikipedia too.

We’ve asked this before: how much more will people love Copiosis?

We chose open source for a reason. It’s very secure. Anyone can access it. Everyone in Copiosis will use it. That openness makes it very secure.

We designed Copiosis with maximum protections. (Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash)

Transparency is power

Transparency makes up another technical feature. Copiosis runs 100 percent transparently. So everyone can see all system functions. And, since people are freer today, they have more time to explore system functions if they want.

Today a lot of people express curiosity in how the government works. How much more curiosity will happen in Copiosis? Especially since people will enjoy far more free time? So we expect many more people will pay attention to what the system is doing. And, who is involved.

Transparency then strengthens Copiosis. It supports whistleblowers and watchdogs. System transparency allows these people access. That access allows them to monitor the actors. But others interested in knowing have access too. In fact Copiosis offers more transparency into its system functions than our government today. Yes, military and intelligence secrecy will still be maintained. But nothing in how the system works need be secret.

So let’s say someone tries to coerce officials or jigger the system. How will they do that in secret?

NBR design helps too

Net Benefit Rewards’ (NBR)’s non-transferability also makes it impossible to pay bad actors. Yes, someone could ply people with luxuries. They could use alternative currencies. But using luxuries depends on who produced them.

Many luxury producers will retain stewardship rights over their goods. If these goods end up in bad actors’ hands, producers could claw back their goods. Of course they could also refuse giving them to people with poor reputations.

Using an alternative currency might work. At least in the beginning. It depends on how popular it is. But currency can’t hide results. Eventually, as results pile up, plots will become obvious. Too many people are looking out for such stuff. People Copiosis will pay if their acts protect the system.

The most persuasive inherent design element of Copiosis is outcomes produced. The freedom, autonomy, abundance, opportunity and prosperity offer so much to people. So much people will fall in love with it. So much people will defend it.

Why someone would want to overturn all this goodness seems nonsensical. Which is why when we first told a supporter someone worried people would take over Copiosis, the supporter looked perplexed.

“How? Why?” he asked. We didn’t have an answer. Just because we don’t have an answer doesn’t mean someone won’t want to though. So what if someone does want to? Well, the vast majority of happy people offer very powerful countervailing forces against such intentions. As does Copiosis’ inherent design features.

Join us next week as we look at another measure of protection Copiosis enjoys. One that may surprise you.

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